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How can Resonance Repatterning help my relationship?

Resonance Repatterning

How can Resonance Repatterning help my relationship?

Far from limited to only working with one person at a time, Resonance Repatterning allows you to address the both persons in the couple in the same session, at the same time, removing issues that lie in the relationship and energy that flows between the two people involved.

Sometimes in a relationship you work and work and work on an issue as individuals, clearing and clearing stuff away, chipping away at layers, but still stuff seems to be rocky.

You’re sure the issue has been cleared for you, possibly even your partner, but somehow there’s a residual energy that keeps rearing its head, causing fights, conflict, disharmony and disruption.

Resonance Repatterning for Couples

In cases like this, you can apply the Resonance Repatterning session to both parties in the couple at the same time, working on the energy of the couple, treating the couple as a single entity.

Yes, there may be an individual session or two needed as well, but in many cases, the energy can cleared from the relationship itself.

Sessions like this can happen at distance or in person, with one person in the couple proxying for both parties. The other party’s consent is required however.


  • My partner and I are always fighting
  • My partner does not want to have sex with me
  • I don’t find my partner attractive
  • My partner cheated on me
  • My partner lied to me
  • My partner and I always have money issues
  • I’ve lost respect for my partner
  • My partner left and abandoned me

Resonance Repatterning for break ups, divorces, separation, infidelity and widows & widowers

Sometimes your couple issue involves someone that is no longer around, on this plane or in your life.

But you may still have unresolved business that makes it difficult for you to move on and find the loving, affectionate relationship you deserve to have in your life.

Resonance Repatterning sessions are perfect to help you get to the core of your issues so that you can resolve them, release your anger and grief and enter a new relationship honestly and openly, without the baggage that has held you down in the past.