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Healing Partners

Find tried and tested healing partners based in South Africa, who also perform distance and proxy healing work for clients around the world.

Body Talk


Safe and suitable for people and animals of all ages, and effective in alleviating the symptoms of chronic and acute medical conditions, BodyTalk is a non-invasive natural healing modality that stimulates your body’s innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels.

BodyTalk is a simple tapping process that aids your body to repair and reconnect these lines of communication, allowing you to function at optimal levels, repair and prevent dis-ease and accelerate your natural healing process.

In a nutshell, BodyTalk uses tapping on the brain to stimulate it to fix the communication circuits, while tapping on the heart activates your body to store the fix.

BodyTalk also incorporates principles and knowledge from many well-known alternative therapies, including Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology, Reiki, Meridians, Chakras and many more.

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BodyTalk Practitioners

Irene Graupner is a highly qualified BodyTalk PaRama Practitioner based in Benoni, South Africa, and she offers fantastic distance healing sessions for international clients. Irene also works with animals.

NLP, Coaching & Hypnotherapy


Yemanya NLP & Development Centre

Yemanya NLP & Development Centre, founded by Ricka van Zyl, is a premium centre for personal and business coaching.

The Centre offers guidance and tools such NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP), one-on-one and group coaching, workshops and hypnotherapy to help you achieve excellence in every area of your life.

Ricka works internationally with a number of clients around the world, offering amazingly impactful Skype consultations.

Online Aromatherapy Store

Aromatic Essential OIls

Aromatic Essential Oils

Aromatic Essential Oils has been operating for nearly 25 years, providing high quality essential, carrier, massage and base aromatherapy oils, as well as a range of allied products, to practitioners and the general public.

Aromatic Essential Oils has a full online store and delivery options by courier are available worldwide.

Shamanic Services

The Soul Healer

The Soul Healer

Shaman Jonathan Hartman has been practicing Shamanism for 3 decades and trained with San, Siberian and Native American Shamans for over 15 years.

If you are looking for an advanced level spiritual healer that can help you with the toughest of journeys and life challenges, then you can breathe a sigh of relief… you’ve found the right place.

No matter your background or religious orientation, Shaman Jonathan is on hand to help you tackle any spiritual or life challenge you are facing – and he won’t stop until he’s helped you find relief.



Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing modality that can help you reduce stress, pain and fatigue, balance and open your chakras and improve your overall health and well-being.

During a Reiki session, energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client, to enhance the client’s own energy system.

Every Reiki session is unique, with the practitioner acting as a facilitator that enables your body to determine the best and highest healing intention for you at that time.

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Reiki Practitioners

Ian Graupner is a practicing Reiki Practitioner based in Benoni South Africa, and he offers distance healing sessions for international clients. Ian performs Reiki sessions for animals.

Life Coaching

There’s a reason why personal and executive coaching is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world… coaching works.

Unlike psychology and therapy, which aims at dealing with old traumas, coaching is about taking real action and moving forward, empowering you with the tools and skills you need to create real, ongoing change in any area of your life.

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Ian Graupner is a practicing Life Coach based in Benoni South Africa, and he offers distance coaching sessions via Skype for international clients.

Home or Office Clearing

What is a space clearing?

Just like your body picks up energies from the people and environments it interacts with, your home or office picks up and holds the energies of the events that have taken place within it.

From arguments to shocks and traumas like deaths, grief, sadness, horrible break ups, to negative entities and energies, there are a number of ways that energy can impact your office, home and personal space.

In addition, the circumstances and mindset of the person working in the factory where your furniture was created can have an energetic impact too – especially if they put negative energy into their furniture creation that day, maybe just because they were having a bad day.

Because you return to this environment everyday, coming here to recuperate and let your guard down in the case of your home, it’s very easy for these energies to seep in and affect you, draining you more and more, while you have no idea what’s happening.

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Energy Clearing Practitioners

Ian Graupner performs fantastic in person and distance energy of space clearings.

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Shaman Jonathan Hartman performs in-person clearings on properties and offices.

Earth Energy Lines

For decades now, civilizations have made use of the Earth’s energy lines to enhance their own abilities and attract health, prosperity and harmony.

The Earth, like every living entity, has an energetic field, almost like an aura. In the case of a planet though, that aura is comprised of a number of different energy grids, all crisscrossing and intersecting each other.

If you experience difficulties with constant or excessive tiredness, ongoing headaches, excessive bouts of illness, irritability, a sense of something not being right and even stuff that just constantly goes wrong, you could be experiencing the results of a detrimental energy line.

The easiest way to to mitigate the effects of this Geopathic Stress is to remove yourself from that problematic line, or if that’s not possible, to reduce the impact of the line.

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Earth Energy Line Practitioners

Ian Graupner is a practicing Life Coach based in Benoni South Africa, and he offers distance Earth Energy Line consutlations for international clients.