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How can Resonance Repatterning help my family, children and pets?

Resonance Repatterning

How can Resonance Repatterning help my family, children and pets?

If you would like to tackle issues within your family environment, working with multiple aspects and people, Resonance or Holographic Repatterning is a perfect healing tool that will help you achieve tangible results and effective sustainable change that everyone is comfortable and happy with.

Like any environment where there are multiple energies all coalescing and blending together, your home, family and pets are prone to upsets of energy too. 

Why balance my family’s energy?

We go out into the world and we engage on a daily basis, and this changes us, sometimes noticeably, and sometimes not-so-noticeably.

Think of it like this.

Imagine your energy is like the water contained in bucket. It’s clean, pure you.

But every time you go out into the world and engage with it, it’s like tipping the bucket of water into a larger barrel of water, that barrel being your office or school or even friends and social occasions.

Each barrel has it’s own unique flavoring, say cinnamon in this case, and all the energies inside the environment swirl and mix, impacting each other with their own unique scents and flavors.

So even if you could extract exactly the same water droplets from the barrel again when you go home, they’ve still been changed by the flavoring in the school and the flavoring everyone else carries – just as your flavoring has changed the people around you.

Over time, this little bit of change starts to add up and it changes the dynamic of the place we live, because we’re no longer exactly the same person everyone at home is expecting us to be.

How does Resonance Repatterning for my family, children and pets work?

As the head of the household, parent and owner of the pet, you have the right to give permission on their behalf for a session to take place – provided the child is under the age of 21.

Sessions can be facilitated in person or over distance, known as a proxy session.

You would provide Nicky with a list of the problems you are currently facing and she would let you know if she requires more details or information for a new opportunity.

Nicky can conduct the session with you as a proxy for the entire unit or can do the session alone and send feedback to you via email.


  • My children are always fighting
  • My child is fighting with my partner and I
  • My children are hyperactive or have ADD/ADHD
  • My child is on chronic medication
  • My child is doing badly at school
  • My child is being bullied
  • My pet is on chronic medication or is depressed and hurting itself
  • My step children and children are jealous of each other
  • My new partner and children don’t get along
  • My parents-in-law are living with us and it’s causing difficulties