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What are distance sessions?

Resonance Repatterning

What are distance sessions?

Distance or proxy sessions can be easily performed for clients all over the world – and Nicky is an invaluable resource for advanced level practitioners who need an advanced and non-judgmental healer to work with on complex issues.

Imagine you could wake up feeling sick and pop a message or email to your doctor telling him what you’re experiencing and have him analyze and do the diagnosis without you there – and give you the medicine you need. That’s effectively a distance session.

How do distance or proxy sessions work?

If you’ve attended an in person session, you’ll be familiar with the muscle testing process that takes place to check your resonance with statements, i.e. whether you’re “on” or “off” for that statement.

With a proxy or distance session, someone will stand in for you for the muscle testing process, or Nicky will do the muscle testing on herself, proxying for you. 

As with a normal session, you’ll provide a list of statements or problems. However, instead of bringing them with you, you’ll simply email them to Nicky.

Nicky will be in touch if she requires additional detail or clarification on any of the points. In addition, she may ask for other bits of info, like the new opportunity you want, what you would like to realize and have happen.

Once the session has been completed and Nicky has worked out all the statements and applied the healing modality, she’ll send you written feedback that includes all your statements so that you get the awareness of the session and what was cleared and shifted.