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What can I use Resonance Repatterning for on the advanced spiritual level?

Resonance Repatterning

What can I use Resonance Repatterning for on the advanced spiritual level?

On the advanced spiritual level, Resonance Repatterning is a must-have tool that you can employ to tackle big, complex issues and multi-layered patterns and belief systems.

The Age of Aquarius

With the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and the increased spiritual awareness it brings, it’s almost like the spiritual peeps have separated into advanced and junior – those that started this whole process years ago and those that have recently jumped on board.

For those of us working at a more advanced level, where we’ve been doing this ten, fifteen, twenty years, what we’re realizing with the new awareness is that the stuff is bigger, wider and far more advanced than it’s ever been before.

The new systems we’re working with are complex: multiple belief systems, connecting seven or eight sets of dots instead of just one or two, and the push to make new leaps to brand new ideas and concepts that’s currently being asked of us under the rule of the age of Aquarius.

In a sense, it almost feels like our job now is to hold the energetic space for brand new ideas so that the world can model that energy and know the possibility of these new thoughts.

It’s a big job

Yes it’s a big job, but in short, we know it’s what we came here to do – take the planet through the shift and help introduce the new world order.

However, you’re far from alone if you need help unpacking this information.

Luckily Nicky has been on her own path and is also an advanced level spiritual peep, and accordingly is able to guide you through even the most trying of breakthroughs, dark nights of the soul and trials by fire.

With Nicky you don’t take the risk that you’re working with practitioner that does not understand your sensibilities, what you’re dealing with, your anger and frustration – or is not equipped to deal with any of it.

With Nicky, you will be treated with compassion, understanding, love and respect.

Nicky is a gentle soul with incredible healing abilities, who will welcome you warmly and help you face any challenge without judgement.

So what can you bring on the advanced spiritual level?

You can bring any problems you want to tackle and new opportunities or possibilities you want to have open up.


  • I feel disconnected from God/the Universe/Spirit/Source
  • I cannot reach my guides or angels
  • I’ve stopped dreaming or I can’t remember my dreams
  • I can’t manifest
  • I don’t remember my tools and resources and to use them
  • It feels like my intuition is blocked
  • I can’t focus to meditate
  • I feel overwhelmed by everything that is coming through
  • I can’t find the core or crux of a problem I’m facing
  • I’ve had multiple sessions or clearings and I am still stuck with the same problem
  • I’m living a very ego driven life
  • I can’t find the balance between my physical and spiritual needs
  • My spirituality prevents me from making money
  • My partner doesn’t understand my spirituality
  • I feel isolated on my journey


  • I embrace a new understanding of God
  • I forgive easily
  • I embrace a wider consciousness and awareness
  • I meet a community of like minded people who support my growth
  • I wear my spiritual heart on my sleeve