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How can Resonance Repatterning help my business?

Resonance Repatterning

How can Resonance Repatterning help my business

Resonance Repatterning services can be applied to help you grow your business and harmonize the people in your team, and can be used as a standalone for team building and training events and meetings.

As the owner or senior executive of a company, sometimes you wish you had a tool or resource that could help you balance the energies and people within your business quickly, so that you can get on with the business of doing business.

There’s politics, infighting, the new rockstar salesman that’s triggered all sorts of jealousy – and you just wish stuff would settle down so you can finally take a well deserved holiday.

A Resonance Repatterning session will allow you to address the entire team as a single entity, not focusing on their individual issues, but working on clearing the energies that flow between them, the relationship energy.

How does it work?

When you enter a relationship or interaction with someone, there’s you as an individual, the other person involved and then there’s what happens between you.

You can see this in the fact that people hardly ever treat everyone in exactly the same way. In fact, every person you engage with highlights another aspect of you, brings it to the fore. With one person you may be loving, with another angry and fearful, and with another, you just may not care or notice that they even exist.

The energy that creates the flow between you and the other person (or people) is what is addressed in the session, treated as if it were personified for the sake of convenience. 

As with individual Resonance Repatterning sessions, there will be a shift and integration period once the session has taken place, and after this you will see changes in the way your staff engage and interact with each other.


  • Politics & fighting
  • Rumormongering
  • Cattiness & jealousy
  • Low productivity
  • Poor money flow into the business

Team Building, Training & Meetings

With almost everyone operating on a tight budget nowadays, you really can’t afford your staff be annoyed, frustrated, distracted and irritated during team building and training events, and long, critical meetings. 

And let’s face it – how many people don’t complain when there’s team building, training or meeting event that takes them away from their work, or in some cases, private life?

A Resonance Repatterning session to prepare your team the day before the event takes place, will ensure that all the attendees are focused and present, fully participating and active in the day’s events.

You have the security of knowing that your money isn’t going to waste and you get to see the results of the path you’ve chosen to follow to harmonize your team, educate them and unite them towards a common goal and future.

How can Resonance Repatterning help my relationship?

Resonance Repatterning

How can Resonance Repatterning help my relationship?

Far from limited to only working with one person at a time, Resonance Repatterning allows you to address the both persons in the couple in the same session, at the same time, removing issues that lie in the relationship and energy that flows between the two people involved.

Sometimes in a relationship you work and work and work on an issue as individuals, clearing and clearing stuff away, chipping away at layers, but still stuff seems to be rocky.

You’re sure the issue has been cleared for you, possibly even your partner, but somehow there’s a residual energy that keeps rearing its head, causing fights, conflict, disharmony and disruption.

Resonance Repatterning for Couples

In cases like this, you can apply the Resonance Repatterning session to both parties in the couple at the same time, working on the energy of the couple, treating the couple as a single entity.

Yes, there may be an individual session or two needed as well, but in many cases, the energy can cleared from the relationship itself.

Sessions like this can happen at distance or in person, with one person in the couple proxying for both parties. The other party’s consent is required however.


  • My partner and I are always fighting
  • My partner does not want to have sex with me
  • I don’t find my partner attractive
  • My partner cheated on me
  • My partner lied to me
  • My partner and I always have money issues
  • I’ve lost respect for my partner
  • My partner left and abandoned me

Resonance Repatterning for break ups, divorces, separation, infidelity and widows & widowers

Sometimes your couple issue involves someone that is no longer around, on this plane or in your life.

But you may still have unresolved business that makes it difficult for you to move on and find the loving, affectionate relationship you deserve to have in your life.

Resonance Repatterning sessions are perfect to help you get to the core of your issues so that you can resolve them, release your anger and grief and enter a new relationship honestly and openly, without the baggage that has held you down in the past.

What can I use Resonance Repatterning for on the advanced spiritual level?

Resonance Repatterning

What can I use Resonance Repatterning for on the advanced spiritual level?

On the advanced spiritual level, Resonance Repatterning is a must-have tool that you can employ to tackle big, complex issues and multi-layered patterns and belief systems.

The Age of Aquarius

With the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and the increased spiritual awareness it brings, it’s almost like the spiritual peeps have separated into advanced and junior – those that started this whole process years ago and those that have recently jumped on board.

For those of us working at a more advanced level, where we’ve been doing this ten, fifteen, twenty years, what we’re realizing with the new awareness is that the stuff is bigger, wider and far more advanced than it’s ever been before.

The new systems we’re working with are complex: multiple belief systems, connecting seven or eight sets of dots instead of just one or two, and the push to make new leaps to brand new ideas and concepts that’s currently being asked of us under the rule of the age of Aquarius.

In a sense, it almost feels like our job now is to hold the energetic space for brand new ideas so that the world can model that energy and know the possibility of these new thoughts.

It’s a big job

Yes it’s a big job, but in short, we know it’s what we came here to do – take the planet through the shift and help introduce the new world order.

However, you’re far from alone if you need help unpacking this information.

Luckily Nicky has been on her own path and is also an advanced level spiritual peep, and accordingly is able to guide you through even the most trying of breakthroughs, dark nights of the soul and trials by fire.

With Nicky you don’t take the risk that you’re working with practitioner that does not understand your sensibilities, what you’re dealing with, your anger and frustration – or is not equipped to deal with any of it.

With Nicky, you will be treated with compassion, understanding, love and respect.

Nicky is a gentle soul with incredible healing abilities, who will welcome you warmly and help you face any challenge without judgement.

So what can you bring on the advanced spiritual level?

You can bring any problems you want to tackle and new opportunities or possibilities you want to have open up.


  • I feel disconnected from God/the Universe/Spirit/Source
  • I cannot reach my guides or angels
  • I’ve stopped dreaming or I can’t remember my dreams
  • I can’t manifest
  • I don’t remember my tools and resources and to use them
  • It feels like my intuition is blocked
  • I can’t focus to meditate
  • I feel overwhelmed by everything that is coming through
  • I can’t find the core or crux of a problem I’m facing
  • I’ve had multiple sessions or clearings and I am still stuck with the same problem
  • I’m living a very ego driven life
  • I can’t find the balance between my physical and spiritual needs
  • My spirituality prevents me from making money
  • My partner doesn’t understand my spirituality
  • I feel isolated on my journey


  • I embrace a new understanding of God
  • I forgive easily
  • I embrace a wider consciousness and awareness
  • I meet a community of like minded people who support my growth
  • I wear my spiritual heart on my sleeve

What can I use Resonance Repatterning for physically, mentally and emotionally?

Resonance Repatterning

What can I use Resonance Repatterning for physically, mentally and emotionally?

Resonance Repatterning, formerly Holographic Repatterning, has applications in any area of your life – whether it is a physical, mental or emotional challenge you’re facing.

Books like The Secret have really made huge strides into helping mainstream society begin to understand the concepts around working with energy and energy-based manifestation.

Energy healing modalities basically use many of the principles that you’re used to in The Secret, but helps you tackle big lots of stuff at once and clear away huge blocks. In addition, you can also work with the things you don’t know or realize are affecting you, like that time you were three years old and your parents lost you in a store.

What happens when you manifest?

When you set out on a manifestation drive, whether you’re manifesting health, a relationship, peace and harmony, success, money, spiritual awareness or anything else, your system starts showing you where all the blocks are – the aspects that are holding you back from achieving your desire and goal.

For many people, this feels and looks like failure.

First of all, what you are manifesting has just not happened! In fact – everything’s gotten worse and now you have a whole bunch of problems and you maybe even feel like life is falling apart.

Your emotions are all over the place, you can’t focus at work, you feel like your world is collapsing around you… or not. Maybe you just feel like your life has come to a complete halt and you are totally stuck.

It’s all okay – and it’s going to be okay

Either way, what’s happening to you is normal.

In order to shift emotions and blocks naturally (which is your body is designed to do by the way), you have to process the emotions through your system, think the thoughts, feel the feelings, bump your head, accept things you don’t think you can accept, surrender when you want to resist and come to the realizations so that the energy, belief system and pattern you hold can be released.

Resonance Repatterning is a shortcut through that sometimes painful growth process.

Because you are constantly engaged with the Practitioner, speaking and participating (or reading feedback in the case of distance sessions), you shortcut the process of realization and awareness – and all healing lies in realization and awareness.

So, where it may take you weeks to reveal one aspect of this to release it naturally, a Resonance Repatterning session will allow you to reach multiple realizations in a single session, as well as effect the change in your body and allow you to integrate it so that you don’t have to deal with the repercussions of it anymore. 

Some issues are big and complicated and may take multiple sessions to tackle, but for the most part, a single session of Resonance Repatterning is often the equivalent of 20 years of therapy.

What exactly can I use Resonance Repatterning to fix?

The short answer to this is anything! Whether you are experiencing lack or overwhelm in an area, Resonance Repatterning will help you find the root of it and release it.


  • Politics and fighting
  • Romantic relationship issues
  • Getting over a past relationship and moving on
  • Grief and deaths with unresolved issues
  • Constantly getting stuck on the same issue or fight or point of contention
  • Power struggles within relationships
  • You want to be more loving, warm, caring and affectionate
  • You want to be less dependent, clingy or jealous
  • Sexual issues
  • Family problems including dynamics and relationships
  • Basically anything you’re not happy with in any relationship can be addressed


  • Lack of money
  • Lack of opportunities
  • Unexpected bills that pop up whenever you have a windfall
  • Lack of luck
  • Jealousy over other people and their achievements
  • Feeling undeserving or unwoirthy
  • Inconsistent money flow
  • Authority issues
  • Being fired or dismissed or retrenched/made redundant
  • Basically anything you’re not happy with in any area of business & money can be addressed


  • Chronic illnesses
  • Acute illnesses
  • Always feeling tired
  • Lack of energy and motivation
  • Wanting to stick to an exercise program
  • Wanting to lose weight or diet
  • Allergies and food intolerances
  • Basically anything you’re not happy with in regards health & vitality can be addressed

So what would a list of problems for a session look like?

A list of problems can really look like anything and is unique to the person that brings – it’s all about your life and what matters to you.

  • My boss and I keep butting heads and I’m scared he’s going to fire me
  • Money doesn’t flow in our life
  • We always have more bills than money
  • My children are always noisy and uncontrollable
  • My mother has a chronic illness and I keep worrying about her so much that I can’t focus on anything else
  • I have constant headaches
  • I have a weird reoccurring pain in my left leg

Is it safe for animals and children?

Yes, Resonance Repatterning is completely safe for animals and children and Nicky can perform sessions at distance for you – she’s truly amazing at distance sessions.

As with all spiritual and energetic healing though, permission is required, usually from the person the session is being performed on.

If however we are referring to a pet or a child under 21, then it is the owner or parent’s place to give permission for the healing work to take place.

Permission will be asked from the animal or child on the energetic level once your permission has been given.

Healing with consciousness and awareness is all about respect after all.

How does Resonance Repatterning work?

Resonance Repatterning

How does Resonance Repatterning work?

Resonance Repatterning, formerly Holographic Repatterning, uses muscle testing or kinesiology as a base to help identify where blocks, patterns, issues and memories lie and help you release them from your physical and energetic system.

A Resonance Repatterning session can be applied to any area of your life you are experiencing difficulty in – it doesn’t matter whether it’s money issues, health problems, relationship problems, politics and fighting or anything else… the Resonance Repatterning methodology will help you unpack and identify where the issues lie and remove them.

What to expect from a Resonance Repatterning Session

Once you know that you have a problem or area you’d like to tackle, you set up an appointment.

Resonance Repatterning sessions usually last about 1,5 hours.

In the session, you’ll be asked to list all the problems and areas of concern you currently have.

So, a list of problems could look something like:

  • My husband / wife / partner and I keep fighting
  • We’re always broke
  • Nothing ever works out
  • Everything always falls apart at the time it’s meant to work
  • I feel stuck

The Resonance Repatterning Practitioner will then identify which statements your body is ready to work with by using muscle testing.

A this point the Practitioner will ask for more detail on the issues if needed, and will sometimes ask for the new possibility that you want, e.g.: my husband and I both find new jobs, move to a new house and act more loving towards each other every day.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing or kinesiology is widely used in sports medicine practice.

By pressing on the person’s arm, you can identify whether a statement applies to them (is true for them) and whether a modality will assist them.

In modern kinesiology practice, the technique is widely used to aid sports injuries, treat and identify allergies and identify unique courses of treatment for a particular person or body system.

In Resonance Repatterning, the muscle testing process is used to identify what you currently resonate with, what can be removed and what new possibility you are ready to receive.

In an in person session the first few times, you’re going to spend a lot of time watching your arm go up and down.

It may feel a little confusing and overwhelming at first, but once you’ve had a few sessions – and seen all the amazing breakthroughs and results in your life – you’ll begin to understand the process.

Healing Modalities

Once the statements have been cycled through and the repatterning identified, the Resonance Repatterning Practitioner will identify the modality your body needs to shift this whole set of issues permanently.

Resonance Repatterning draws on a number of healing practices and modalities, from colors and crystals to aromatherapy, movements, sounds and more.

You may even be given homework afterwards, like holding a specific point on your body or sitting on a rock or walking barefoot outside – every session and every modality for healing is always unique to that session, that person and exactly what they need.

Resonance Repatterning Services

Resonance Repatterning

Resonance Repatterning Services

Resonance Repatterning, formerly known as Holographic Repatterning, allows you to make intensive change on a DNA and cellular level in your body, altering beliefs, belief systems, active memories and more.

As each element is released in the session, it changes your very DNA and cellular structure, which alters the energy you’re putting out into the universe and allows you to attract a different reality.

On average you can expect to feel dramatically different and see massive breakthroughs and change in areas of your life within two to three weeks of the session taking place.

Sessions can be both in person and at distance.

Learn more about Resonance Repatterning

What are distance sessions?

Resonance Repatterning

What are distance sessions?

Distance or proxy sessions can be easily performed for clients all over the world – and Nicky is an invaluable resource for advanced level practitioners who need an advanced and non-judgmental healer to work with on complex issues.

Imagine you could wake up feeling sick and pop a message or email to your doctor telling him what you’re experiencing and have him analyze and do the diagnosis without you there – and give you the medicine you need. That’s effectively a distance session.

How do distance or proxy sessions work?

If you’ve attended an in person session, you’ll be familiar with the muscle testing process that takes place to check your resonance with statements, i.e. whether you’re “on” or “off” for that statement.

With a proxy or distance session, someone will stand in for you for the muscle testing process, or Nicky will do the muscle testing on herself, proxying for you. 

As with a normal session, you’ll provide a list of statements or problems. However, instead of bringing them with you, you’ll simply email them to Nicky.

Nicky will be in touch if she requires additional detail or clarification on any of the points. In addition, she may ask for other bits of info, like the new opportunity you want, what you would like to realize and have happen.

Once the session has been completed and Nicky has worked out all the statements and applied the healing modality, she’ll send you written feedback that includes all your statements so that you get the awareness of the session and what was cleared and shifted.

How can Resonance Repatterning help my family, children and pets?

Resonance Repatterning

How can Resonance Repatterning help my family, children and pets?

If you would like to tackle issues within your family environment, working with multiple aspects and people, Resonance or Holographic Repatterning is a perfect healing tool that will help you achieve tangible results and effective sustainable change that everyone is comfortable and happy with.

Like any environment where there are multiple energies all coalescing and blending together, your home, family and pets are prone to upsets of energy too. 

Why balance my family’s energy?

We go out into the world and we engage on a daily basis, and this changes us, sometimes noticeably, and sometimes not-so-noticeably.

Think of it like this.

Imagine your energy is like the water contained in bucket. It’s clean, pure you.

But every time you go out into the world and engage with it, it’s like tipping the bucket of water into a larger barrel of water, that barrel being your office or school or even friends and social occasions.

Each barrel has it’s own unique flavoring, say cinnamon in this case, and all the energies inside the environment swirl and mix, impacting each other with their own unique scents and flavors.

So even if you could extract exactly the same water droplets from the barrel again when you go home, they’ve still been changed by the flavoring in the school and the flavoring everyone else carries – just as your flavoring has changed the people around you.

Over time, this little bit of change starts to add up and it changes the dynamic of the place we live, because we’re no longer exactly the same person everyone at home is expecting us to be.

How does Resonance Repatterning for my family, children and pets work?

As the head of the household, parent and owner of the pet, you have the right to give permission on their behalf for a session to take place – provided the child is under the age of 21.

Sessions can be facilitated in person or over distance, known as a proxy session.

You would provide Nicky with a list of the problems you are currently facing and she would let you know if she requires more details or information for a new opportunity.

Nicky can conduct the session with you as a proxy for the entire unit or can do the session alone and send feedback to you via email.


  • My children are always fighting
  • My child is fighting with my partner and I
  • My children are hyperactive or have ADD/ADHD
  • My child is on chronic medication
  • My child is doing badly at school
  • My child is being bullied
  • My pet is on chronic medication or is depressed and hurting itself
  • My step children and children are jealous of each other
  • My new partner and children don’t get along
  • My parents-in-law are living with us and it’s causing difficulties

What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning

What is Resonance Repatterning?

Resonance Repatterning, formerly Holographic Repatterning, is a very powerful healing tradition that uses kinesiology or muscle testing as a base to establish where you are and help you shift lifelong issues, patterns, behaviors and beliefs in one session.

Even the things you never thought you’d be able to change.

Whether you’re an old hand at personal growth and development or completely new to the game, chances are you’ve faced issues that are so big and complex that you don’t even know where to begin tackling them.

Or you may find a system so complex that you don’t know where and how to identify the core issues, beliefs and imprints that are holding you trapped in this behavior set, pattern or way of thinking.

Sometimes these issues are known to us, but usually they’re supported and held in place by subconscious beliefs we don’t even know we have, a memory or experience or person we don’t remember and it involves a whole bunch of patterns your parents imprinted on you when they were raising you.

There may also be aspects from your genetic lineage that have traveled down and imprinted on you, say a belief that your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather carried that has caused everyone in your family line to do well and then lose all their money and success repeatedly.

In fact, the imprint can often come from the most amazing places – and you may find that what you thought was always good has been damaging you in horrible ways.

Nicky will help you identify all the tendrils, elements and aspects that are connected to the challenge you’re facing and then remove them for you, in a way that your body is ready to accept, so that you resonate with the new intention.

What is Resonance?

If you’ve ever walked into a situation or room and felt immediately uncomfortable and like you don’t belong, then you’ve experienced lack of resonance. 

If you’ve ever been absolutely convinced of something and you just know it your bones, your whole body agrees with it, then you’ve experienced resonance.

On the energetic level, the beliefs that we resonate with – both conscious and unconscious – attract various energies towards us to show us what we are, or point us towards what we judge, our expectations, and the things we’ve lost and compromised.

This energetic attraction happens at the level of DNA and cells, where your memories, beliefs and imprints are stored, throughout your body.

The Resonance Repatterning session will identify all the imprints currently causing issues for you and remove and replace them at the DNA or cellular level, so that you put out a different energy and therefore attract different people, experiences and opportunities into your life.