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Happy Clients

Feedback and testimonials from some of Nicky Benson’s happy Resonance Repatterning clients.

I was blown away by the depth of insight, healing and release that came from even the very first session! I have been seeing Nicky more or less fortnightly to deal with a very stressful period.

Nicky helps me to find the underlying triggers for my reactions, and I am always stunned by the profoundness of the realisations of past things that have happened to me. Alternatively, when I am in a good space, Nicky helps me to identify an issue that is holding me back that can be released. The result is a very deep healing that leaves my feeling lighter, freer and happy. I am amazed by how much my own body is aware of in itself.

In addition to the effectiveness of Resonance Repatterning, and Nicky’s level of skill in this modality, she is a very intuitive, insightful and comforting counsellor. I always come out of (my sessions) feeling wonderful! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for some support, healing, emotional and spiritual growth or even just self awareness in their lives.


I was able to release deep-seated fears and life-long behaviours around these fears, and set a new direction for life. Restricted energy in the solar plexus and knee area was also released.

My whole being feels relieved of tension and relaxed on all levels. Nicky was very supportive and the session was extremely powerful. Nicky has a gift for allowing the process and love to do its work.


Nicky Benson has been my massage and reflexology therapist for more than 10 years and my chronic back pain has disappeared. Nicky has wonderful healing hands and a peaceful and serene aura, which work their magic in dealing with any pain.

I have also had a series of Resonance Repatternings and found them to be of great assistance in various areas in my life that were not working for me. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Nicky Benson to anyone seeking her help.


I don’t know how people live without Resonance Repatterning!!

I have worked with Nicky for well over a decade. She is a natural healer and every session is done with integrity. Her Resonance Repatterning sessions have greatly benefited me and my children.

I highly recommend her if you want to experience true healing.

Lauren Winterstein

I’ve gained immeasurably from Resonance Repatterning, in the following ways:

  1. I have more logic, tolerance, clarity of thought, self esteem, confidence, peace of mind & freedom of expression.
  2. I have fewer fears, phobias, mental blocks & feelings of rejection.
  3. I’m less judgemental, biased, prejudiced or emotional.
  4. I’m more aware of & more in tune with the rest of the world i.e. all people & animals.
  5. I’m happier because I’m more intuitive, interactive, bold, communicative & spontaneous.


Since his Resonance Repatterning sessions, my son is doing so well! He went to camp all by himself (without any friends) and met lots of new kids, and took it in his stride.

He also slept at a friend on Monday and didn’t panic. He was contained and slept very well. He is sleeping out tonight. He has shifted so much this week.

The sessions he has with you are helping him shift. Thank you for the role you play in supporting him.


I’ve been seeing Nicky Benson for a while now and it’s been an amazing journey. She is so calm, gentle and supportive.

Resonance Repatterning itself has helped with both my own and my children’s issues. The way it gets to the bottom of each issue quickly and precisely, makes this an amazing treatment.

Nicky herself is empathetic and understanding, and the sessions are very therapeutic. Nicky’s background adds to the therapy and I feel very relaxed and open to talk about anything.

I feel I have come a long way since meeting Nicky and will continue seeing her.


I’m so grateful for Nicky on so many levels – she is hands down one of the most talented practitioners I’ve worked with.

I’ve been in the spiritual and energy healing game for over 2 decades, and I’ve met very few practitioners as advanced as Nicky. 

She is caring, compassionate, understanding and not judgmental at all – no matter what you bring to her.

If you’re looking for advanced level help and someone to assist you on a touch journey or through a trial by fire, then please contact Nicky.

Whether you see her in person or she works for you distance, I promise you will be blown away be her insight and the accuracy of the information she comes back with every single time.